Imaging & Laboratory

  • Lufkin ER X-ray
Lufkin ER has an onsite imaging and laboratory facility that is state-of-the-art and features the most advanced, proven methodologies. Every test or scan done at our facility is thoroughly evaluated by a highly trained expert including radiologists, technicians, or doctors. This helps to ensure that patients receive the most accurate results possible and that diagnoses are likewise as accurate as possible. Top quality imaging and laboratory services are a core part of our mission to provide outstanding quality care to all patients.

Lukin ER’s Imaging & Laboratory Services

Lufkin ER is able to perform a range of different lab and imaging tests including the following:
  • CT Scans
  • X-rays
  • Ultrasounds
  • COLA Certified Stat Laboratory Testing
Lufin ER knows how important dependable lab and imaging results are to patients and we take that responsibility very seriously. The Lufkin ER imaging and laboratory facility is equipped with the most advanced equipment and effective, proven methodologies in the industry to provide results that are as accurate and precise as possible.

The Importance of Imaging & Laboratory Services

Imaging and laboratory services like the ones provided by Lufkin ER are a fundamental part of effectively treating emergency medical situations. The data gathered from imaging tools such as X-rays and CT scans can help doctors to quickly determine the nature and severity of an injury so that they can respond accordingly with quality treatment. Sophisticated tools like ultrasounds can also provide a detailed, inside look at blockages and abnormalities and help physicians create an effective treatment plan. Lufkin ER is a COLA certified facility. COLA is a nationally regarded, physician-directed accreditation organization. COLA certification is important because it indicates that a facility is fully compliant with all regulatory requirements. COLA also provides excellent resources like consultations and educational programs. We are pleased to be a COLA certified facility.